Your Donations keep this temple going

We have many funds you can donate to (add more copy here). Find out more about all of our different funds you can donate to, and pick what you like best. Once you find what you'd like to donate to, click the donate button at the bottom.

Description of each fund they can chose to donate to:

Sponsor a USYer $25: Our USY teens each year have many trips and activities they'd like to be a part of. While we do offer ways they can earn funds to go on these trips, we'd love to have more of our young members represent our chapter at events like Encampment and IC (international convention). Your contribution will help a young adult in need of having an opportunity of a lifetime. Learn more about what our chapter of USY is up to, here.

Rabbi Fund $18: Funds rabbis

Website $10: Love our new website Design? So do we! Temple Beth Am is one of the first temples to have a modern up-to-date website. Let's keep this beautiful functionality going!

Memorial Fund: $18: .....

Fund A $18: ....

Fund B $18:....

Other: Can't decide what to fund? Donate what you wish, and we'll put it to what needs it most.