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Celebrating our Rabbi by Natalie Weinberg

Friends and fellow congregants, I come before you this evening to heap praise and accolades upon our Reb Dawvid. You all have been here over the past several years as we have moved forward into the 21st century of religious participation and musicality. Sometimes the journey has been difficult. But tonight I am here to tell you that we are at a new plateau, being led by Reb Dawvid. A man who came to us, during my presidency, as a cantor. A man who could carry a tune and chant a haftorah. A man who can daven in harmony and sight read Torah at the drop of a Yad.

I come before you to clearly state what all have said, Reb Dawvid is a Cantor, teacher and religious leader who we at Temple Beth Am can be proud of. He has come to us with a note of joy and an earnest desire to fulfill our religious needs. Shabbat morning, Yom Tovim and festivals have all been enlightened by his sermons, along with his wonderful musical renditions of familiar cantillations as well as those with a new twist, or those which Reb Dawvid has crafted to fit an occasion, whether it be the Marines’ Birthday, the start of baseball season, or a family that recognizes its Jewish as well as Irish heritage.

A few years ago, when I was the president of Temple Beth Am, I was lucky enough to get a call from then Cantor Grossman, a son of Temple Beth Am, with a long family history and tradition at our synagogue. He was looking to come home, as it were, to Temple Beth Am to be once again a part of our tradition, as had his family before him. I passed his name along to the chairman of the Cantor Search committee, and before long, Cantor Grossman was singing in our midst. Over the last couple of years, as you all know, our long term Rabbi, Rabbi Weiss, retired. This did not phase David Grossman, who diligently applied himself and became ordained as a rabbi, thus melding two of the needs of this congregation into one so that he could better serve us and provide leadership and continuity to Temple Beth Am as we move forward.

Welcome Reb Dawvid. Thank you for stepping up to the challenge and taking on the mantle of religious leadership of our esteemed synagogue. You have brought stability, joy, and sweetness to our world. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with you